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Introduction/ Foot Health Month

Hi Everyone,

My name is Beth Mueller. I am a Podiatrist and the director of Heel and Toe Podiatry. I am currently on maternity leave, and will be returning to the clinic in early 2018. In my absence my amazing team is not just keeping the ship afloat, but sailing a strong course towards improving the foot health of our community. Heel and Toe Podiatry was established in 2009 in Tecoma. Two years ago we moved “up the hill” to Belgrave. Our new location in the Belgrave Arcade allows us to deliver treatment in a more streamlined manner, a benefit of a space dedicated to Podiatry. We now have the support of our excellent reception team, allowing us to concentrate on “the good stuff” (more feet, less admin).

This is the first blog post for Heel and Toe Podiatry. And what a great time to start, as October is Foot Health Month – this year’s theme is FOOT HEALTH EXPERTS. Check out the APodA National Website campaign at

This fits perfectly with our team. With over 50  years of combined practice experience, we are experts in our field. We strive to provide the highest level of care to our patients. People of all ages visit our clinic, and as important members of your health care team we take a thorough history, conduct an assessment and create a comprehensive treatment plan for your foot health problem.

We enjoy being a part of the vibrant Belgrave community, and this week we made some new friends when we took part in “Welcome to Belgrave’s” annual Halloween Trail. Thanks for organising a great event!

Children (and grown-ups) went on a spooky adventure around Belgrave, answering a question at each shop, and of course, collecting lollies! We prepared by making Halloween decorations for the clinic:

Our question was: “How many bones are in a human foot?” Did you learn the answer on Friday night on the Trail, or did you already know? I’ll tell you the answer in next week’s blog post!

Podiatrists are health professionals, specialising in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the foot and the lower limb. The Podiatrist’s scope of practice includes areas such as paediatrics; Diabetes assessment and foot care; biomechanical assessment and orthoses/footwear therapy for foot pain; requesting and interpreting imaging as required; nail surgery; the treatment of ageing feet; and general foot care (nails, corns, calluses etc). Podiatrists must complete a university degree – a Bachelor of Podiatry – and commit to ongoing Continuing Professional Development annually to ensure currency of practice.


We look forward to meeting you soon to help with your foot health concerns. It’s easy to book an appointment or make an enquiry. Just call (03) 9754 3332 on weekdays or online anytime at